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Eng Sets Goals for Final Year in State Assembly

Alhambra, March 9, 2012 -- Assemblyman Mike Eng (D-49th AD), in his last year as a legislator has issued his goals for the coming legislative year.

In a press conference held Friday he stated "entering my last term in the Assembly, I will continue to build on successes and experiences from my previous years."

Eng, who represents many cities on the West San Gabriel Valley has been "term-out" as an assemblyman. He previously served on the Monterey Park City Council.

He said he is sponsoring 22 bills in the state assembly this year and singled out three measures that he considers particularly important.
He says he supports Assembly Bill 1602, sponsored by Attorney Genera Kamala Harris. He said the bill would prohibit banks from foreclosing on any home borrower's home while the borrower is in the process of negotiating a loan modification.

In the Civil Rights area, he said he supports AB 1814 to help the Secretary of State ensure that election officials have adequate plans for providing language assistance and incorporate best practices respond to the needs of limited English proficient and first time voters at the polls.

Work Place legislation, AB 2517 would permit workers to record a lien on the real and personal properties of nonpaying employers in the amount of wages owed.

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