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Meet Rebekka Lien -- New Columnist

  • By David Barron

The Journal is introducing a new columnist!. She is Rebekka Lien, a self-starting young entreprenaur involved in business and real estate. Besides appearing in the pages of the West Valley Journal she will also posted on our website. Read her first column below,

#YOLO – You Only Live Once

By Rebekka Lien
Passion, do you have passion and vision for life and what you do?

A majority of people has given up their passion for security. It is a human tragedy. A twitter hashtag called #yolo, You only live once, portrays the concept of living boldly despite risks. Do you believe that YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE and therefore, should accrue as much material wealth and accomplishments as possible?
Do you believe that YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE and therefore, should party and only enjoy the temporary pleasures?
Is there a fine line between enjoying the moment and working hard to attain your life's legacy? Perhaps we can achieve incredible feats, yet become a forgotten hero like Steve Jobs or Phillip Seymour. Does it all go to waste at the end of our lives?
What does life even mean if we do not have a vision?
I grew up in a home where passion and creativity was the key to happiness. The overwhelming passion for life caused an abundance of pain and regret. What was left was financial insecurity and children who were left to battle their own childhood traumas. Albeit stolen dreams, my mother taught me to nurture my creativity. She knew, like Einstein said, imagination is everything. Imagination for a better life was a way to create my future.
I have learned that you do only live once. I see so many people worrying their life away. Worry is not a solution; it is simply an energy which vacuums in more negative circumstances into your life. You are saying to the universe that you WANT - what you do not want. What you focus on EXPANDS!
For 10 years of my life, from 8 to 18 I did not see my father. I often blamed my life circumstances on that. However, not having a father has allowed me to choose my own path. Perhaps if I grew up with my father, I would have taken a traditional path, maybe he would have been too worried to let me backpack around the world by myself. I would have wandered across the jungles of Ecuador and the streets of Hong Kong with nagging texts from my parents. Maybe he would have monitored everyone I dated. Perhaps like traditional Asian parents, he would have not permitted me to move out until I got married. Yet, I know my father is not controlling, he is a laid-back hippie philosophy professor...maybe that is why I am who I am today.
The grass is always greener on the other side, but when we grasp wholeheartedly how blessed we are with who we are, who we have around us, where we are now, then we'll start to be the pilot of our own lives. Then we can take flight into the directions of our dreams. We can start to make everyday count because the only future we have is today. We are constantly creating our future with our thoughts and actions.
Despite growing up in a broken home, I needed the environment to become who I am today. I would not have learnt how to fight for my dreams and myself. I would not have a deep-rooted desire to help people with orphan spirit. My past has formed my future hope and vision. What is your vision for your life? You only live once, so choose a path today. Do you want to be stuck in the past, blaming everyone, or do you want to take control of the rudders and decide where you want go?
You have no excuse to not live an extraordinary life. If I can influence you to decide a course in your life, then I have already lived boldly for my vision of helping others.
You only live once, what do you have to lose? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Rebekka Lien- Entrepreneur, Realtor and Speaker  

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