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OPINION: Drought is Getting Worse

  • By David Barron

Every day news headlines and television reports tell us the drought is getting worse and worse.
We were cynical about the whole thing believing that Mother Nature would soon send us some relief in the form of heavy rains or maybe a late snowstorm in the Sierra Nevada’s.

Well, it didn’t happen. And, despite a couple of storms and predictions of El Niño next year, things are getting worse and worse.
And yet, most of us are still not too concerned about the whole issue.
And why should we be? The grass in front of city hall, at city parks, baseball fields, cemeteries and golf courses are all green.
Cities have planted lots of rocks and drought resistant plants on medians that divide major streets, but we suspect that’s strictly for public relations purposes because they are seen by thousands of motorists every day. It also saves on landscaping expenses.
Recently, little signs have popped up along the medians urging conservation but they are posted on nice green grass
Now the city is planning or has actually cut back on water usage. If they have, please let us know the secret.
Maybe the secret is watering just one or two days a week, or once every other week?
There are some homes that apparently never water their lawns, but they are usually rentals and are subject to property maintenance citations. What do we do about them? Maybe we should give them a certificate for “continuous water conservation.”
A city conservation ordinance tells us that we can water our lawn only before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m. Does that mean we can water our lawn twice a day?
The city is now asking people to “Take the Pledge” and conserve water. If you sign the pledge form, you get one of these nice water conservation signs that you can put on your lawn.

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