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class="gkFeaturedItemTitle" The Irish: Americans With Attitude

 SAN DIEGO -- As someone who is often prodded to declare my allegiance to the United States, I'm envious of a group of Americans that no longer has to put up with such demands.
When it comes to identity, these folks enjoy the best of all worlds. No one questions their loyalty to this country. Yet they are also unapologetically proud of their ethnic heritage. They'll never fully assimilate. If you don't like it, that's your problem. These are Americans with attitude.

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class="gkFeaturedItemTitle" Ruben Navarrette Is Back!

National Latino Columnist Ruben Navarrette is back on the pages of the West Valley Journal and  He is a nationally syndicated columnist who takes on everyone -- Republicans and Democrats. We'll be publishing his column on Mondays and Thursdays at and once a month in the West Valley Journal. Navarrette is a member of the Washsington Post Writer's Group

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