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BEACHCOMBER:Good News & Bad News Re Journal

  • By David Barron
Dave_GSRunning a newspaper is a challenge. Not only do you have to be an expert in desktop publishing, smart with computers, be a journalist, stay on top of community events and have a creative mind, you also have to be a businessman.
I don’t claim to be all of the above, but I do know that I am not that good at business. I like to work hard and be productive, but that doesn’t always equal profits.
This newspaper is supported by advertisers and from my pocket book. The pocket book is replenished by consulting working that I do. Unfortunately, with the poor economy, consulting revenues have also declined.
So now I have bad news and some good news. The bad news is that starting in July, for at least the next few months, we will be publishing the West Valley Journal on a monthly basis on the second Thursday of each month. The second edition is being temporarily suspended.
The good news is that we will be expanding our monthly circulation from 10,000 copies to 15,000 copies so that we can keep our news racks and boxes filled. Although we home deliver, the newspapers disappear fast from news racks. 
The other good news is that our news website  -- -- is booming with hits, totaling more than 300,000 last month. We are updating the website as fast as we can, sometimes daily. If you send us an announcement, we’ll try to post it within 24 hours on the website.
We will also be emailing our news headlines to interested readers. This will allow you to go directly to a breaking news story that you are interested in.
Our email will also include a digital version of the monthly West Valley Journal. The digital version allows you to turn the pages, enlarge photos and articles, and email directly to any addresses listed in articles and ads.
It also allows you to hyperlink to websites of advertisers.
If you would like to subscribe to our email news service, just send us a “subscribe” note to our email address at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . It is free and you can “unsubscribe” anytime you want.
I also want to encourage you to send us articles about your community organizations, your successes and your opinions. We get a lot of press releases emailed to the Journal, but not enough local stories.
If you have a business, please consider advertising. Even a small business card ad in our directory is appreciated.

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