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Beachcomber: A Feeling of Not Beeing Included

  • By David Barron
Dave_GSEvery once in a while, my feelings as a community newspaperman get hurt.
It happens when I am not invited to press events for companies and community  organizations here in Monterey Park, Alhambra and Rosemead, particularly. Sometimes it happens because they have a mistaken idea of whom this newspaper  represents and what it covers.
Simply put, we are a community newspaper.
If there is a story out there about a person, group of residents or organizations,  and local government, we want to know about it.
We can’t guarantee we will attend each and every event, but will do our darnest  to give you some ink in the pages of the Journal. That doesn’t mean we don’t miss a story from time to time.
I do apologize in advance. Sometime stories do get lost in the shuffle, especially if you publish only twice a month. I wish I could publish weekly, but there just isn’t the  advertising support for it. (HINT: Don’t assume I read all emails. Give me a  phone call and leave me a message when you send a story!) So when do I get my feelings hurt? Well, for example, I get offended when a  business organization only sends their press releases to the ethnic media and  excludes us.
They assume that my readers and I won’t be interested because we publish only in  English. They assume wrong. My readership is pretty much along the lines of the  local population – the majority is Asian and Hispanic, with a sprinkling of  people of European extraction – some dating back to the last century.
Many, however, are like me and don’t read the language of our parents. I can  speak Spanish, but I haven’t bought a copy of La Opinion in 10 years. I am not  that interested in what is happening in Mexico and South America, and the latest  soccer scores from small towns in the heart of Latin America.
That said, I also get upset when I am not on the list for information when they  assume Asians and Hispanics won’t be interested in certain information because  they don’t think we fit into the mainstream patterns and tastes.
How dare they presume to know what our tastes are!  I like dim sum, pasta,  enchiladas, hamburgers, pastrami, sushi, steak, sea weed chips, couscous, menudo, shrimp  with walnut, tamales, Korean BBQ, kung pao chicken, sukiyaki and carne asada. Rice…I love rice. I grew up on rice and beans. Now I eat fried rice, sticky  rice, Spanish rice, arroz con pollo, arroz con leche (rice pudding).
Don ‘t get me started on beans. My wife has a secret recipe for chile’n beans.  It is a killer! I could go on and on…
Yes, we have our differences, but we love having  differences.
Wake up Madison Avenue.

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