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Beach Comber - Family Comes First

  • By Dave Barron
It’s been a busy two weeks with family affairs. If I missed an appointment, press conference or meeting with you, I am sorry about that, but family comes first.

We took a few days off and spent some time in Mammoth. I didn’t do any fishing but caught plenty of zzzs. It was well worth
the $100 in gasoline. On a sad note, I lost a brother-in-law.. It was a sudden and shocking passing that was felt deeply by all who knew my friend and brother-in-law Steve Enriquez. Death took him at the young age of 60 years.

Then my tenth grand child was born on Wednesday, August 20. On that day Leah Lorraine Smith came into the world weighing a lucky 7 pounds and 7 ounces. My daughter Susie and her husband, Derek, are doing well.

The grandparents are barely surviving. I don’t have the best memory, but as I recall, giving birth to a child was sort of a private affair. The father and any immediate family members were kept in a sterile waiting room. Once the newborn was cleaned as well as measured, the anxious family was allowed a quick peak at the newborn then they were quickly sent on their way home.

Today, it is a family affair with grandparents, brothers, sisters, cousins, and children of all ages gather to await the birth of a new prince or princess. Everybody is fully aware of all the medical and family details. They can all wait it out in a large room with the mother-to-be in comfortable chairs and sofas, a large TV and nearby vending machines with food and drink. Everyone comes armed with digital cameras and camcorders to record the historic family event.

MOVING on to other things, several local people are attending the Democratic Party National Convention in mile-high Denver. Among those there are former council member Francisco Alonso and Garvey School Board Member Henry Low. BOE chair Judy Chu is also scheduled to be there. I’m sure there are plenty of other local Democrats involved, but I didn’t have time to collect the information.


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