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Beachcomber - When You Grow Up

  • By David Barron

We all remember the eternal question adults asked us when we are children: “What are you going to be when you grow up?”

Sometimes you even ask this of adults, when people jokingly refer to their job or profession that may not consider as seriously contributing to the world. For example a writer or an athlete is frequently questioned on their long-term career potential.

People have been asking me about this newspaper for quite a while. What is the Journal going to be when “it grows up.”

By growing up, most people are referring to the Journal becoming a weekly newspaper. I joke right back at them and tell them that if I started publishing weekly, my wife would divorce me. First of all, it would be quite expensive and secondly, because I’d never be able to take some time off. After all, I am supposed to be “semi-retired.” Most importantly, I’d seldom see my nine grandchildren and never get to attend their soccer, baseball, or football games.

Over the years, I have experimented with publishing the Journal twice a month and then sometimes, every other week. Neither has lasted long. That’s because in addition to the tremendous investment in time, you double the cost for printing and distribution. While more frequent publication provides a good vehicle for fresh news, it alone will not attract advertising.

For example, printers want to get paid BEFORE they deliver the printed copies. And, they want the equivalent of cash. Printers say they have boxes full of bounced checks that the will never collect on. Distributors want to be paid in advance too.

On the other hand, you mail out your invoices to advertisers a soon as possible and then cross your fingers every time you go to the post office to check your P.O. Box.

Currently, the juices are flowing again and I am planning to publish twice a month. One edition will be the West Valley Journal and will mainly cover Rosemead and its neighboring communities. A second edition will be the Monterey Park Journal. While they will have a lot of the same content and have a similar design, their nameplates and distribution zones will be quite different. The emphasis on the news content will be localized, but there will still be Rosemead news in the Monterey Park edition and visa versa.

One of the reasons for this is so that we can better focus each edition in the community. I get complaints all the time about the “other” newspapers that are distributed in the area. They seem to have plenty of stories about Downy, Whittier, East L.A. etc. If they carry a local story, it’s about something embarrassing to us.

What does all this mean to you the reader? Not really much, but at least you might have a better idea of how we produce this newspaper. I do want you to continue to send your stories about your community organizations, achievements and sorrows, in the case of an obituary. While all this is going on, by the way, we are working on a new website that will allow you the reader to submit your comments and news items.

Well, know that I have laid my plans wide open to all of you, some might ask why? Its like that old song, “Don’t it make my brown eyes blue.” The words only make sense to the lyricist or the writer of this column.

For me, it means I have another column written and in the can.

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