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Beachcomer: Ideas for Saving Water

  • By David Barron

I had a long conversation with meandering Jack Hallin who walks miles and miles of streets throughout neighborhoods in Monterey Park.
We were kicking around ideas for water conservation. There is a drought you know.

If you waste water, you might get a ticket from a code enforcement officer – not the police, they have better things to do.
But, being men of practical experience (Jack is an engineer) and longevity, we have seen everything, and some things multiple times. We’ve seen been around the block a couple of times and have experienced previous California droughts.
After all, Southern California was basically a desert until Mulholland figured out how to import water from the north and then we raped Owens Valley.
But while were discussing various strategies to save water we came up with some interesting stuff.
In some cities, you are told to water your lawn on certain days depending on whether you have an odd or even house address.
And then you have all heard the joke expression “Save water – shower with a friend.”  How about the old standby, “flush on two, not on one.”
Well we thought of a couple of other ones. Mind you, we thought these up over the phone and not in a bar, although that’s not a bad location for coming up with ideas over a pitcher of brewsky.
For example, and this sounds terrible, if you have an odd home address, you can only flush on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Sunday’s are free days and you can flush away.
The same system would be used for designating days for washing clothes and dishes.  Certain clothes would not be washed every week but we won’t go into nasty details.
How about bathing your dog? Big dogs like my 75 lb. pooch, would only get a bath every other month. Even then, it would be only with a hose that has an automatic shut off nozzle. And…never, never in the family bath tub, no matter how small the pet is.
We would never wash our car with water! We would “blow wash” it. I once visited Catalina Island when they were in the midst of a lengthy drought. Cars were “washed” only by using compressed air at gas stations.  We could also just use a tarp or car cover to protect our cars from the birds.
Football teams, baseball leagues, cheerleaders and other such groups would be prohibited from raising funds by having car washes. Lots of water is wasted at those fun events. In fact, lots of water winds up on the kids instead of the cars.
How about prohibiting hairstylists from washing the customers’ hair?  I suggest they be permitted to spray a mist to loosen up the hair.
Of course, restaurants should not be permitted to serve any water-based drinks! No cokes, no cold or hot teas. You could have a choice of beer, wine, or milk. If you have some silly ideas, post them on Facebook and Friend me.

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