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BEACHCOMBER: Weird Stuff in Community

  • By David Barron

I had drafted up a very serious column about discrimination demonstrated by the Republican presidential candidates. But I decided, the heck with that, I’d let the national media waste their time. But maybe it’s not a waste of time, if it exposes these people for what they represent. Instead, I thought I’d write about some of the weird stuff that’s been going on around the community.

Jim Iwaki informed us that someone was busting rear view mirrors on Ridge Crest Street. It turns out that there were actually 40 mirrors smashed with a baseball bat. Police are checking all the video surveillance cameras in the neighborhood and with a little luck they will catch the vandals.
One good thing, though, forty drivers will have to twist their necks and look back for cars instead of depending on mirrors when they change lanes.
Then there is the case of the lady pooping in public. The Chinese World Journal published several photos of a rotund female defecating on a parkway lawn. Heck, we don’t even let our dog do that.
The photos of the event were published on Face Book and circulated extensively. Shortly after, the city issued a public notice that such activities were not permitted and could be subject to severe fines.
That started a round of comments about what is permitted here and what happens in Mainland China because apparently the violator was Asian. Don’t know how they could tell the ethnicity of the person since the camera was focused on her buttocks.
As if that weren’t enough, there was a report of a lady bathing in a public restroom in a local city building. She was only partially undressed when discovered by another female seeking to use the restroom. The biggest offense was splashing water all over the place, making the restroom a mess and a safety hazard. The police took the bather away. There weren’t any details of what happened to her.
The city says they have cut back landscaping watering at city parks by 50% and that’s why some lawns have turned golden. One observer wondered why some of the lawns were previously dry. Even today, there are some lawns, such as at City Hall, where green is still the preferred color. I like it emerald green too. My dog enjoys rolling on green grass. Other dogs prefer pooping on green grass. (Not my dog! I carry two plastic bags.)
Speaking of water. Local residents are doing well on that score. The city saved about 23.66 percent over the previous month, as of September 21. City website said the cumulative total was 18.87 % which is still short of the 20% target.
The two inches of rain we received in that tropical rainstorm recently certainly helped out.
The city is giving away free signs that tell your neighbors that you are saving water. One correspondent reports that their neighbor hasn’t watered their front lawn for years and hasn’t cut it for even more years! That must be worth a city council certificate. I understand City Council certificates are mass-produced now a day. If you haven’t gotten one yet, call your local councilperson.
How about that house on Ynez Street where the owners paved over their front lawn several years ago so that they could have more parking on street cleaning days? They also posted a water saver sign.
With parking at a premium in many neighborhoods because of numerous boarding houses this is a great idea that will both save water and provide more off street parking.

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