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Beachcomber May 28--09

  • By David Barron

By Dave Barron

This’n that…
Local city councils have been very busy this past month.

Rosemead fired its city manager and then hired a new one. In the last few days, they have appointed several planning commissioners and crowned a queen for the July 4th celebrations.

You can read about this in the pages of this edition, although you can also find them in our website at

Rosemead Council hired Jeff Allred as city manager. He is currently city manager in Norco, which is known the horse capital of the Inland Empire.

Park city council has also been busy. They sent out an "RFP" or requests for proposal for legal services after firing the previous city attorney.

The council conducted a series of interviews in closed session. I don’t know why. The last time the council did interviews for the City Attorney, all of the applicants were interviewed in public open sessions. It seems that the Brown Act now allows councils to have these meetings in closed sessions, if they so wish.

Anyways, when a city attorney firm is selected, we’ll carry a story about them.

Meanwhile, in Alhambra, the city Council is all excited about getting a new Volkswagen dealership on Main Street. I don’t understand why European carmakers can expand and open new dealerships, while American companies are closing up dealers. Go figure.

Add to that, the council will also be enjoying the Taste of Alhambra annual event. At $45 a person, it’s pretty expensive. I am sure, however, that each council member will pay for his own meal ticket.

Now for good news…

My former neighbor Luis Fernandez came home this weekend to run in the  L.A. Marathon. He is Legacy runner and hasn’t missed a marathon since the event started more than 20 years ago.

Despite his 40 plus years, he looked lean and trim. He said he didn’t practice too much, but ran a practice marathon of 16 miles and felt good. He currently lives on the East Coast. Luis grew up in Monterey Park and attended St. Stevens School.

Another Legacy Runner made it again this year. He is T.C. Chung, an 70-year old (plus) resident of Monterey Park. As always his wife, Elaine, cheered him on. T.C. was honored as one of the "People Who Make a Difference," by the United Democrats of Monterey Park.

Our friend Yukio Kawaratani is also keeping busy. He is spending lots of time on the Little Tokyo Redevelopment project. Yukio is a highly respected urban planner and is also know as "Mr. Bunker Hill" for his work there. A reminder to Yukio, don’t’ forget to bill them. Gasoline is very expensive today. And, your time is valuable.

Another friend, 90-year-old Bill Sanchez spoke at Memorial Day Ceremonies on Monday. His story of survival as a POW during World War II held the small audience in a trance.  He was the best speaker at the annual event.

Some of you will notice that I am printing my column in slightly larger type. This idea was suggested by Rosemead Kiwanian Art Landing. Art would like me to print the whole newspaper in big type, but then I would not have enough room to include all the stories.

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