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Beachcomber: Sharing Pet Peeves

  • By David Barron

This month’s  column is dedicated  to pet peeves that  people have shared with me. What are “pet peeves?” They are things that other people do that bother you.

I have a few of my own. If you have any, please share them with me. Here we go...

- Charge cords for cell phones -- why are they not all standard? Every cell phone has different connectxions. - Bicyclists on the sidewalks -- it is bad enough that you have to watch out for skate borders on sidewalks, but you also have watch out for bicyclists of all ages and types.

- Robo calls (recorded phone calls) from sales companies and politicians. If they just took the time to call me in person, I might talk to them.

- Drivers who make U-turns on major streets anytime they want. I guess it’s not illegal on Garvey Avenue, Garfield and Atlantic Avenues, because I’ve have never seen anybody getting a ticket.

- People who walk their dogs and don’t pick-up after them when they have a  movement. Courteous dog walkers carry a bag to pick up the do-do.

- Getting mail delivered to my house for someone who has the same address, but a different street. I makes you wonder if your mail is going somewhere else.

- Smokers who block entrances to public buildings. Sometimes you have to go through waving your arms to fan the smoke away.

- Drivers who don’t bother to give a signal when they make a turn or change lanes.

- Drivers on cell phones who make double stops at intersections.

- People who send you an email without a title or purpose on the subject line.

- People who roughly handle fruits and vegetables at markets when they make their choices.

- Customers at Costco  who get in the line at the cash register to hold a place for another. Then, as they get to the head of the line, their “partner” rushes up with about $500 worth of purchases. Neat trick, right?

- Drivers on the San Bernardino Freeway, who take an off-ramp and get right back on freeway, just to get ahead of a couple of other cars.

- Delivery vehicles that double park while they unload. If you or I tried it, we’d get a ticket.

- Drivers who double park to load or unload passengers, even though there is a parking space just a few feet away.

- Drivers who park in handicap spaces at the Brightwood Branch of the Bank of America and don’t get a ticket.

-Typos in this newspaper.

- People who complain about everything that others do.

Send me your pet peeve by email, please, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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