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Beachcomber - It's Been Hotter Than...

  • By David Barron

The last few days the weather has been horrible. If ypu don’t have some type of air conditioning or at least a fan, you have been suffering with the temperatures hovering at 100 degrees. My patio thermometer was past 105 degrees one day last week.

Thank goodness the temperature cools off slightly in the evening. Even so, my old house seems to retain the heat. The walls that face the sun never seem to cool down. We  added  attic insulation many years ago, but it probably needs to be re-installed. The old insulation flattens out over time and doesn’t give you the full insulation.

For those of you that live homes with out any cooling, there are a few alternatives.

You can always head for the Montebello Town Center and relax there. You can also take in a movie at the local theater.
There are also some official designated “cooling” centers where you can escape the heat. This includes local senior centers and city halls. When daytime temperatures are up in the 90s these facilities are usually opened up, even on weekends when they are normally closed.
You can also go to a local park and just relax under the shade of a tree.

The other day, I was at Garvey Ranch Park to take a photo of the Garvey Ranch House. Although the temperatures were in the high 90s, it was quite comfortable under the shade of a tree with a cool breeze. There always seems to be a breeze at this park.

Heading to the cooler coastal areas is also an option. Temperatures have been high there too.

Along with the hot temperatures, we have had the problems of forest fires in the San Gabriel Mountains.

For the past week the skies over the West San Gabriel Valley have been smoke-filled because of the many fires in the Mountains.

Even healthy people can have trouble breathing. Health officials have advised people to stay indoors on really smokey days.

The same fires that started in La Canada-Flintridge are continuing to move east and north in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Today’s news reports say the fire is threatening Mount Wilson, where many radio and television stations have tall antennas. Last night we watched the bright golden flames moving towards Mount Wilson.

As you watch the flames, it seems that explosions occur as the fire spreads to new areas. With a pair of good binoculars, you can almost see the flames advancing at night. One night last weekend the line of flames covered a very large portion of the mountains.

Do your best to keep cool. Keep in mind however, that we still have two more months of hot weather – September and October.

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