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Beachcomber-It's Nice to Be Missed

  • By David Barron

I missed last week’s edition and didn’t have a Beachcomber column. Some people complained. It is nice to know that I was missed.
I didn't get around to writing a column because last week we experienced a perfect storm.

First there was a Chamber of Commerce Board meeting one night.

There was a Dodger game another night, which made me almost useless the next day. There was a marathon Monterey Park City Council meeting that went from 6 to midnight. The actual agenda only had about 8 items to discuss.

Then we had to send out monthly bills (late) to our wonderful advertisers.

We had to do some projects at home.

Friday was “date night” with my wife. I try to avoid business and social functions on Friday, unless we can afford to both attend. We gotta talk sometime, right?

Somehow, there was also a problem with my energy level. It was down last week, so I wound up skipping a couple of events, such as Mike Eng’s fund raising birthday party and a candidates forum. I blame it on the late night council meeting.

I have made a new resolution to write this puppy by Sunday night and then send it out to my editors for proofing via Google Docs. It should be ready for print by Tuesday. I’ll upload to the website in advance.

Someone asked me how long it takes to write a column.  It actually only take a couple of hours to write the 600 words. But it may take days to think up a subject and research it.

I try not to write really heavy stuff, but instead make it pleasant. It’s easy to find serious business to discuss in a column. It is harder to discuss more interesting and entertaining items.

For example, If I wanted to write serious stuff there is a whole laundry list of subjects. For example, why are the lawns getting drier in  Monterey Park and Rosemead?

What about the Chinese New year festival? Will it happen? Will it be junkie or a great cultural experience.

What about the Harmony Festival? Is it turning into a Car Show, without the harmonious events, discussions, or movies that were lightly attended but interesting.

What about the weather? Will it get cooler?

If we really want to get serious, we can write about the prospects of Mark Keppel Aztecs and East L.A. College Huskies winning a football game this season.

How about after-school programs? Most local cities have cut funding to recreational activities at school sites.

What about the fire department? Should Monterey Park turnover the fire department to the County?

This is all pretty heavy stuff, so I want to end this column with some pleasant thoughts.....hmm....

Oh, I know, there was a neat email I got the other day. It had some funny lines and I’ll forward it to you if you want.

Supposedly, it was a questions and answers column of advice for senior citizens from AARP. It might be considered slightly racy by some, so here’s one bit of advice.

Question: Why should 60+ year old people use valet parking?

Answer: Valets don’t forget where they park your car.

Editor’s Note: you can write to Dave at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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