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Beachcomber - Time For Politics

  • By David Barron

By Dave Barron
Earth Day on April 22 came and went without even a ripple in the San Gabriel Valley. There were a few events in the metropolitan area, but nothing local as far as I am aware of. East L.A. College did turn on their new solar panels to make their own electricity.

Turning to something else. The political season is now open. Candidates for the Alhambra School Board and Alhambra City Council are now lining up their supporters and beginning to raise funds. Their election will be in November, which coincides with the presidential election. It will be a high turn-out election with lots of voters. When an election campaign cost about $10 a vote, the prospectus of 10,000 voters is pretty scary.
Then there are the local city council races scheduled in March 2009 – almost a year from now, but potential candidates are moving and shaking. Incumbents seeking re-election are already on the move, trying to pin down early endorsements. They are already beginning to make appearances, going to all the dinners, making donations, putting together lists and interviewing campaign consultants.
So if you are a candidate here are a few upcoming events that you don’t want to miss.
First, Macy School will have a career day on Wednesday, April 30. Volunteer to be a speaker before the students.
Then you can eat breakfast on May 10 at the YMCA. You’ll meet lots of movers and shakers there. How about a "Crime-Free Housing" Seminar on Thursday, May 22 at the Alhambra Police Department. (I suppose the term "crime-free" means no criminals will be permitted to participate in the seminar?). You might meet some wealthy and generous landlords at the event.
Maybe you can book a snazzy convertible for the Play Days Parade in Monterey Park on May 17. Crowds aren’t too big, but what the heck, every vote counts.
There are also the Memorial Day ceremonies at most cities on Monday, May 26. That will be a good time to be seen
There are several school district and local fund-raising dinners between now and July 4th. Don’t forget the Monterey Park Library Dinner at the end of May and the Crystal Youth Awards dinner on June 19.
You can always check the community calendar on our new website -- You can even post your own political fund raising dinner on the calendar -- free, there is no charge.

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