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BEACHCOMBER: A Sweet Tooth for Sale

  • By David Barron

Fundraising is a way of life, particularly if you belong to non-profit organizations or volunteer for youth groups. But how about your city?

I’ve bought countless chocolate bars, raffle tickets, popcorn, cream-filled Easter eggs, Christmas wrapping paper and boxes of peanuts (not to mention raffle tickets).

Usually the fundraising activity supports Boys and Girls Scouts, Little League and similar community organizations.
It used to be that private and parochial schools, especially Catholic schools, sold a lot of candies. I loved them all, but my favorites were Helen Grace candies and, of course, the World’s Finest Chocolate bars with pecans. I didn’t particularly like buying Christmas wrapping paper or some of the other gift items.

As a parent, I was involved in selling our quota of candies. Many times, you just sent a check in and then gave the candy to friends and co-workers.

As time went on, and I had more children in school, it became less manageable. So, I would put the candy bar or sign-up sheet on my desk and sell some of the “product.”

Fortunately, some of the co-workers who had gotten free candy would buy some. I think that in some cases it would be caused by guilty feelings because all of the free-bees they had gotten over they years.

Times have changed and so has the candies. The bars have gotten smaller and the nuts fewer.

The origination source has changed too.

For one thing a lot of public schools and other institutions have gotten into the act and they are also selling these tasty treats.

If your child is trying out for sports, they have to raise money because there is virtually no sports budget.

Helmets, uniforms, referees, and even coaches, cost money. Where is that money going to come from?  You’ve got it right!
It is going to come from parents, grandparents, family members and friends.

But I think there is a bigger opportunity ahead. I can visualize cities, such as Rosemead and Monterey Park, having candy sales.
Yes, that money will be used to cover the budget shortfalls and employee pensions.

They’ll have to sell a lot of candies, but , hey, every little bit will help.

I can see the day when we have banners across Garvey Avenue stating,“Keep Our Library Open – Buy World’s Finest Chocolates.”
What do you think? Are you ready to buy a couple of cases of candy bars to keep the library open.

Let’s get serious and talk about public safety.  Would you buy a case of candies to raise funds to purchase a new city fire engine or a police patrol car?  (I would).

How about a case of candy so that we can afford an experience city manager? The city is shopping for one right now.

BTW, the World Finest bars can now cost you $2 a piece.

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