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BEACHCOMBER; Short and Sweet

  • By David Barron

DavidBarronTo make room for a few more stories, my column will be short this week, much to the delight of my editor.

First of all, just a reminder for those of you that vote by mail: your absentee ballot should be arriving very soon. I suggest that you promptly dig it out of the mail basket, open it up and plan your Election Day decisions. I have a few suggestions, but you can make up your own mind on most issues. I wish you luck on voting for judges.

However, I do suggest you vote No on Proposition 23. It is a step backward in developing renewable sources of energy. Wind turbines, solar power facilities and other non-polluting sources of energy are necessary for the sake of our children and grand children. The proposition would suspend air pollution control laws requiring major polluters to reduce greenhouse emissions.

While we are discussion the propositions, I suggest you thoroughly consider voting No on Proposition 19 which would legalize marijuana and allow it to be regulated and taxed.  Even if you tax it, it won’t amount to much money. Persons under 21 would still be prohibited from buying pot. Somehow, under age persons would still get their hands on pot, just like they buy beer and cigarettes.

There are some “Yes” votes for you. I suggest you vote Yes on Proposition 22, which prohibits the state from taking funds used for transportation or local government projects and services. The state has stolen millions from local cities to balance its budget. This has got to stop.

As you review the voter handbook and contemplate your votes, I suggest you consider your home a sacred polling place. Carefully take care of your ballot and promptly mark your choices. When finished, stuff it in the envelope that was provided, seal it and sign it.  Put a stamp on the envelope and either take it to the post office or hand it to your postman. You can trust your spouse or child to deliver it to the post office, but don’t give it to any strangers. Before Election Day, I’ll give you my recommendation for the office of governor. If you vote before then, I’m sure it will be okay.

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