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BEACHCOMBER: Have a Great Thanksgiving

  • By David Barron

Oh No! Its Thanksgiving time again. A time for turkey, turkey and more turkey.

Last issue we ran a picture of a Presidential turkey that visited Repetto School. It was a beautiful plump turkey with white features.

I remember my mother going shopping just before Thanksgiving to find just the right turkey.
She would go to a poultry market on east First Street and pick out the one for our family dinner.

The poultry butcher would take the poor bird to the back, chop its head off, and remove the feathers by dropping it in a pot of boiling water.

Since that time I have always recited a pray of thanks for the turkey. It was sort of like the prayer in the movie Avatar. “Thank you turkey for growing up so nice and plump so that we can enjoy this Thanksgiving Dinner. And also, thanks to God, too.”

Of course, the personal aspects of turkey slaughter are no longer visible. We get a nice frozen turkey.There are some poultry shops wheren you can pick a live turkey, chicken or duck for dinner.

You may have to go out to the country to find a live turkey.  The EPA and health department have probably very tight controls on the slaughter of turkeys for us.

Funny, I don’t feel the same about pumpkins, although I believe they are a living vegetable until picked.

I don’t give it a second thought, when I carve up a jack-o-lantern. I cut the triangular eyes, a hole for a nose and jagged cuts for a mouth. Then we place a light (battery powered) inside the pumpkin and place it on our porch. It will stay there as long as it looks fresh or stolen by a passer-by.

It is kind of a waste, however, because I love pumpkin pie with lots of real whip cream.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

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