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$40.35 - Solar Backpack Charge Cell Phones - Back to School Goes High Tech

  • By SGV Journal

This solar powered backpack combines four parts: bag + solar cell panel + battery box + adapters together to be able to charge most portable electronics cell phones, iPods , PDAs, GPS, laptop computer. Call 808-284-7071 or  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Built-in battery:1400-2500mA
Panels specifications:6v/1.35w
OutputVoltage / current:5V

1:USB input cable 1PCS,
2:phone adapter 5 PCS,
3:output conversion cable 1 PCS
Ideal to solar clean energy charge small electronics for emergency preparedness, backpacker, sports fan and outdoor workers. Back to school special. Every student deserves a full charged up backpack.  Great slim design with extra width and cushion for shoulder belts. Chest and waist buckles, and cell phone bag embedded.

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