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SCE Now Runs on Tesla Solar Batteries

  • By Charlene on Green

Tesla flipped the switch on its 20 mega watt battery-to-grid-to-battery installation at the Southern California Edison substation in Mira Loma on January 30, 2017.

Each of its 396 Powerpacks houses 16,000 lithium-ion cells, about 210 kWh per battery, enough electricity to power 2,500 California homes per day.

This Tesla PowerPack site is dubbed the largest of its kind on the planet to date, yet each module takes up roughly a pallet-size pod, immensely reducing acreage and footprint.

Unlike regular battery backups, the PowerPack stores unused electricity generated by the sub station during off-peak hours and then feeds that energy back to the grid as power demands ramp up.

Without storage, unused electricity is wasted or purposefully grounded, as it is a rather complex job or near impossible to operate power plants below certain base loads, even when demand drops to significantly low levels, primarily at nights while the world rests. Thus, the PowerPack system is aimed at ridding the grid of mass inefficiencies.

Tesla maintains that all the components of it's PowerPack is built at its new Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada, outside Reno. The company struck a deal with SCE to supply storage solutions and the November 30 installation is one of several more to come we anticipate. 

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