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POINT OF LAW:Governator of Californication

  • By G. Monty Manibog
(Editor’s note:  Former Monterey Park Mayor, G. Monty Manibog is a regular columnist offering legal tips and perspectives in high profile legal cases and event)
What happens when a superstar who terminates all the bad guys, a former multiple Mr. Universe and governor of America’s most populous state, plays naught and frisky outside his marriage, big time?  He terminates his golden image, creates legal woes for himself and deeply hurts his family, friends and countless supporters and admirers.
Under the noses of his wife, family and associates, Arnold Schwarzeneggar carried on a years long extra-marital affair with his housekeeper in their home with whom he has a 12 year old love child.
His wife, Maria Shriver of the prominent Kennedy clan of Massachusetts, apparently learned of Arnold’s infidelity and love child a number of years ago but suffered silently for some time to elect and keep her husband in office.  This was particularly at the urging of her late uncle, Senator Ted Kennedy, who believed Schwarzeneggar was deemed a Kennedy family member and public knowledge of his shenanigans would reflect on the Kennedys as a whole.
Now that Arnold is out of office, however, Maria Shriver went public and divorce proceedings are underway.
The legal problems for the “Governator,” however, are similar to those suffered by golfer Tiger Woods (who also womanized outside his marriage) whose wife Elin Nordegren made out with over $100,000,000 in marital cash settlement and full custody of their 2 minor children.
Schwarzeneggar, however, is facing a much greater hit as Maria Shriver intends to go after the bulk of her husband’s fortune (estimated at $800,000,000), much of which was earned during their 25 year marriage.  Infidelity and moral turpitude, of course, will be the basis of Maria’s winning full custody of the minor children and their support payments would have to afford the same lifestyle as their father’s.  Finally, under the law, Maria Shriver will be entitled to receive the vast amounts that her husband gave and spent on their housekeeper/paramour over the years.
Perhaps a more serious legal problem is the “Governator’s” possible indictment or criminal charge for the reported use of state resources and personal services, particularly the California Highway Patrol and aides for allegedly escorting different women to sexual trysts with Schwarzeneggar at various hotels over a period of time (investigation is pending).
A native of Austria, Schwarzeneggar hit the U.S. big time and his Terminator movies were blockbusters that netted him a fortune and also propelled him to the California governor’s mansion.  As they say, however, the bigger they are the harder they fall and the Terminator is still spiraling downward.  But don’t be surprised as he fights to defend himself, vowing, “I’ll be back.”

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