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POINT OF LAW: Arm Teachers For Self-Defense

  • By G. Monty Manibog, Attorney at Law

Schools, theatres, shopping malls, work places--there are no safe havens from gun wielding crazies randomly shooting and killing innocent people anywhere and everywhere. 

Although there has been a spate of such killings lately, the recent murders of grade school children and their teachers at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, has further shocked and saddened the nation, intensifying the demand for more effective gun control legislation.


However, there have been a slew of gun control laws across the country but no amount of such legislation can effectively deal with the problem of guns in the hands of citizens whose Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms prevail under the highest law of the land--the U.S. Constitution.

It is clear that regardless of the laws in effect, those with criminal intentions or simply mentally imbalanced people are always able to find a black market source from which to obtain guns. Further, even law abiding citizens with guns get careless and leave their firearms exposed to less responsible family members and friends, as in the recent Newtown, Connecticut case.  The gunman’s mother kept firearms in their home though aware of her son’s dangerous propensities.   Poetic justice, however, made her the first victim of her son’s madness.

Instead of all the fuss about more gun control laws, more responsible people should be allowed to arm themselves, such as school teachers, who have whole classes of children in their charge.  Teachers are deemed to be among the most responsible people who have trained and dedicated their lives to the education and betterment of young people:  they should at least be able to keep well secured firearms in the classrooms.

Just imagine if one of the teachers killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School had a gun-- many or all of the 27 children and teachers could have been spared.  The best example of  teachers’ dedication to the well being and safety of their pupils is the fact that those teachers who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School actually shielded the students by placing their bodies between them and the gunman, paying the ultimate price to protect their students.

What noble, dedicated and caring souls.  Waiting for 911 responses is usually too LATE AND FUTILE.

(Editor’s Note: Former Monterey Park Mayor G. Monty Manibog is a contributing columnist offering legal tips and perspectives on high profile legal cases and events to Journal readers.)

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