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Low Voter Turnout Expected On Election Day

  • By Staff Reports

WEST SAN GABRIEL VALLEY – A low voter turnout is expected for the municipal elections on Tuesday in the cities of Monterey Park, Rosemead and San Gabriel.

In each of those cities, city council positions are up for grabs. Incumbents in Rosemead and San Gabriel are seeking re-election. In Monterey Park, there are two vacant city council spots that will be filled by newcomers.
The local ballots will also be filled by the community college election and two ballot measures in Monterey Park.
Projections for a low voter turnout are based on lower-than-normal numbers from the rolls of permanent voter by mail voters. Thousands of voters are registered to vote as vote-by-mail voters, but may not respond.
Candidates are calling likely voters, hoping to glean potential ballots. Huge banners have been put up by some candidates, in addition to the hundreds traditional lawn signs.
In the last few days before the election voters can expect to receive phone calls from campaigners, as well as the newer “robo” or recorded phone calls urging voters to favor their candidates.


In addition to filling two vacant positions, the city has two ballot measures for decision by the voters and the offices of city treasurer and city clerk on the ballots.
City Treasurer Joseph Leon is the only current officer challenged in the election. Seeking to unseat him is businessman Steven Lam.
Candidates for Monterey Park city council are Joe Ray Avila, Hans Liang, Tom Guzman, Larry C. Sullivan and Peter Chan.
Seeking election to the City Clerk position are Neil Alvarez, Jeff Schwartz and Vincent Dionicio Chan.
Monterey Park also has two ballot measures. Measure DD would re-word the city’s utility tax to keep up with changes and technology and in new communications systems and will not increase the tax, according to the city attorney.
Measure EE sets term limits for elected officials including council members, the city clerk and the city treasurer.

Janet Chin, the lone challenger, opposes three Rosemead city council incumbents Steven Ly, Sandra Armenta and Margaret Clark.

San Gabriel will have a full ballot of three city council seats, the city clerk and the city treasurer. Voters will also consider an increase in the hotel tax.
Five candidates will vie for three city council positions. Challengers Jason Pu, an attorney, and Chin Ho Liao, an engineer, are seeking to unseat incumbents David Gutierrez, Kevin Sawkins, and Mario De La Torre.
Incumbents Treasurer John Janosik and City Clerk Eleanor K. Andrews are running unopposed. San Gabriel will also have a ballot measure that would increase the hotel bed tax.

Also on some ballots will be three seats on the Los Angeles Community College Board. Voters should check their sample ballot booklets for more information.

Polling places are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Election Day.

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