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Filing Starts for Local Council Posts

  • By David Barron

Believe it or not, it is election time again and local politicians and would-be-politicians are lining up at city halls to pull papers for next March’s city council races. Both cities of Rosemead and Monterey Park have scheduled their general municipal elections for Tuesday, March 3, 2015.

Monday, November 10 was the first day in which candidates, or potential candidates are able to take out nomination papers and related information.
For Monterey Park, the actual filing deadline is Friday, December 5. Rosemead’s filing deadline is Monday, December 8 (Rosemead City Hall is closed on Fridays).
If one of the incumbents does not meet the deadlines set by their respective city, they filing is extended another five days.
In Monterey Park candidates are gathering forces and building war chests to run for three city council seats that will be on the ballot.
Council members Mitchell Ing and Anthony Wong will be battling for their third terms as council members. City ordinance restricts council members to two terms, but both were “grandfathered” in when voters pass the term limits law.
Delario Robinson, president of the Monterey Park Democratic Club, has filed intentions to run for office. Several other persons have express interest in the council race, but have not officially announced their intent.
Incumbent council members Polly Low and William Alarcon are up for re-election. There are no term limits in Rosemead.
Alarcon is the city’s current mayor and has served on the Rosemead City Council since March 2011. He previously served on the City Council when he was appointed in April 2003 to fill a vacancy.
Polly Low has served on the Rosemead City Council since March 2007. In 2013, she was appointed Rosemead's Mayor by the city council.
City Council races are expensive and in the past, candidates have spent between $50,000 and $100,000 in Monterey Park for a position that pays $6,000 a year.
Rosemead municipal elections are less expensive to candidates, but have lower vote turnouts.
Alhambra council race was combined with the November 4 general election run by the county. Only one of three incumbents, Steven Sham, faced any challenge and was re-elected.

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