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Update Given on Two Big Nearby Forest Fires

  • By Chuck Lyons

  Two forest fires have burned more than 4,900 acres total and more evacuations are possible overnight tonight, June 22, 2016, if winds change direction and blow the two-day-old Fish fire down the canyons into Bradbury, Duarte and Monrovia.

  Approximately 800 homes have already been evacuated. At noon today, June 22, people living in more than 500 homes will be allowed to go home although recreational vehicles and horses and horse trailers will not be allowed back just yet. Small pets are permitted. Other evacuated areas are still in possible danger if the winds change and County of Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson said fire and police will allow residents back as soon os safely possible. 

  The County of Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson said the fires are about 10 percent contained, there are 212 fire engines, 18 hand crews, nine water tenders, eight bulldozers, 11 helicopters in daytime and two special night-flying helicopters and six large airplanes working the fire.

  The first fire started Monday morning when a  truck went off the road and crashed, starting the Reservoir fire in San Gabriel Canyon in Angeles National Forest. A while later the second fire, Fish fire, started in Fish Canyon above Duarte.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Because of steep terrain,  aerial battles have had a major impact of keeping the fires as of Wednesday at 9 a.m. out of neighborhoods where many County of Los Angeles Fire Department and other departments' fire trucks and personnel are protecting hundreds of homes.  It has been reported even at night, two helicopters with pilots wearing special night-vision eyewear continues the fire fight dropping water near any homes threatened by fire.

  Red flag warnings will continue Wednesday night because of some winds forecast overnight.

  People in areas east of the fires in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties where the wind is blowing most of the smoke and ash are advised not to exercise outside if smoke is smelled and appears to be in the area.

  Hot weather is decreasing overnight thru Thursday and then the forecast is for more 100 degree plus temperatures in the San Gabriel Valley on Friday through Monday.

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