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Keppel Gets Top Marks in State Decathlon

  • By David Barron

Mark Keppel High School was 17 out of 65 schools statewide competing in the 35th Annual State Academic Decathlon held March 20-23 in Sacramento.

The Keppel team scored 43850.9 points while the winning team from El Camino Real Charter High school had a team score of 5,3872.3. Last month, Keppel placed first in the County competition and qualified for the state competition.
In this weekend’s contest neighboring South Pasadena High School achieved a team score of 4,5581.7 and came in 7th in the statewide competition.
Garfield High School scored 4,3,385 team points and was ranked 19th in the contest.
Alhambra High School scored 41,164.1 points and was ranked in the 35th place.
Scores for the highest scoring individuals were also announced. Bonnie Lam of Alhambra high school was in second place in the statewide list with 8,189.1 points. Chaney Tse from Mark Keppel scored 8,458.7 points.
Alhambra’s Henry Lee and Katherine Steglau also received honors for being among the top individuals in the Essay Contest. Chi Yu of Alhambra High received honors in mathematics. Diana Li of Alhambra was among the top competitors in the Speech category.
Keppel’s Joshua Bustamante received honors in the social science category 

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