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Alhambra City Cuts Funds for Rose Float. Chamber Pledges to Continue

  • By David Barron

The blood letting has begun as local cities formally review proposed city budgets during lean times. The first cutback in Alhambra was $100,000 for the Rose Parade Float.

Despite the cut, Alhambra Chamber of Commerce is still planning to raise private funds for the float. Monterey Park will begin marathon budget hearings starting Monday, June 6 and continue through Thursday night.

Alhambra's detailed budget deliberations were detailed in the Alhambra article which described how funding for the Almanzor Park Fourth of July Show was saved. To view the article, go to this link:

Alhambra July 4 fireworks show avoids being canceled

Rosemead previously held a budget workshop and will continue deliberations the upcoming week. Rosemead contracts for most of its community services and has only a handful of employees compared to Alhambra and Rosemead.

Monterey Park has already authorized funding for the city's Independence Day celebration and fireworks show and is appealing to residents and business people for contributions to cover the cost.

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