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ASSEMBLY ENDORSEMENTS BATTLE: Venti Supports Matthew Lin, Ayala Endorses Chau

  • By Staff Reports

ChauLatinosWebVersALHAMBRA -- Feb. 24, 2012 -- The battle of endorsements is heating up the competitive race for the 49th Assembly District with Republican Matthew Lin and Democrat Edwin Chau making new announcements.

Venti-LinWebPicPhotos: Top, Chau (second from left) with Charles Trevinio, Mayor Ayala and School board member Adele Andrade Stadler, who endorsed him.

Next Photo, Frank Venti, left, and Dr. Matthew Lin.


Dr. Lin announced he as been endorsed by Frank Venti, former Monterey Park City Councilman.  Chau, an attorney, announced he has been endorsed by Alhambra Mayor Luis Ayala.

At a press conference attended by Congress woman Judy Chu and currently Assemblyman Mike Eng, three leading Latino elected officials including Mayor Ayala, School Board President Adele Andrade Stadler and San Gabriel Water District board member and labor leader Charles Trevino, all announced their endorsement of Chau.

Chau and Lin are among several candidates seeking to replace Assemblyman Eng and get party nominations at the June primary election.

In a press release announcing his endorsement of Dr. Lin, Venti stated: “We need new leaders with the ability to think outside the box and in my opinion Dr. Matthew Lin is one who can go to Sacramento and take on the establishment that has caused the problem in the first place,’ referring to the state budget woes and take-aways from local city treasuries.

“ I am proud to endorse Dr. Lin for the 49th Assembly District,” Venti said.

Last week, Lin received the endorsement of the five San Gabriel City Council members.

Alhambra Mayor Ayala only recently withdrew his candidacy for the same Assembly seat then gave his support to Chau.

Ayala said both he and Chau had similar immigrant backgrounds and worked their way through college. He lauded Chau for having the background necessary and experience to serve in the state legislature.

”All those experiences, Ed Chau is the best candidate for the Assembly, and I am proud to endorse him,” Ayala said.

At a recent caucus, Chau was endorssed by the California Democratic Party.

Congresswoman Chu also weighed into the campaign announcements stating that the 49th Assembly district is made up primarily of Democrats and said registration is 41% Democratsic, 26% Republican and 29% no party. She also cited statistics from previous Presidential and State elections showing that the majority voted Democrat.

Eng cited Chau’s campaign for the diversity of endorsements and unifying Asians and Latinos.

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