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Alhambra's All Souls School Making History With 'Dual Language Immersion'

  • By Staff Reports

ALHAMBRA - On Aug. 15 All Souls School will be making history as it reopens its doors to begin a new 200-day school year, but this time with a new educational model - dual language immersion - involving the Chinese and Spanish languages, as well as English.

The school will open with kindergarten and first grade classes in the new emersion program.

According to Principal Anne Bouvet, All Souls School is the first Catholic school in the Los Angeles Archdiocese to offer a dual language immersion program.

It is also the first Catholic school in the nation to offer two different language tracks, one in English/Mandarin and another in English/Spanish. Parents will decide which track they wish their child to be enrolled.

At the beginning, the school will have only two classroom levels - kindergarten and first grade. The students will move up the grades  through the eighth grade.

When school begins, full immersion in the Chinese language will be accomplished with children spending half their day in the Chinese classroom speaking just Mandarin, and the other half of their day in the English classroom speaking just English.

Those children enrolled in the Spanish/English track will likewise alternate half their day in the Spanish classroom and then in the English classroom.

“Students will be challenged by a rigorous curriculum in a nurturing environment.,” Bouvet said in a press release.

“Credentialed teachers will focus on the education of the whole child with the goal of leading students to become individuals who are ready for the challenges of the 21st century with the ability to read, write, think and communicate in two languages.”

Bouvet said she invites parents to bring children who will be entering kindergarten or first grade to tour the school.

“Come and see first hand what dual language immersion classrooms look like, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have,“ she said.

All Souls School is located at 29 South Electric Avenue. For more information, call (626) 282-5695 or visit the school website Tuition at the school will be $6,500 a year and there will be no other fundraisers  or assessments on the families, Bouvet said. Both Catholics and members of other religions are invited to the school.

All Souls School, which is part of the Catholic Parish has been in existence since 1921. Two years ago, the school closed and planning began on the new language immersion program.

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