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Live Shooter Drill Conducted at Alhambra High

  • By David Barron

ALHAMBRA --  Police and the School District conducted a joint training exercise with several senarios ranging from a school lockdown caused a distraught student armed with a gun an another one involving an "active shooter" on the campus of  Alhambra High School on June 14.

The training exercise involved police officers as well as school employees and teachers learning how to respond to a variety of situations.

During a mid-morning briefing, staff was advised to become more familier with the campus and its surroundings so that they can efficiently follow instructions in an emergency.

"You have to know which is the north side of the campus, so that if you are directed to go there there is no problem," said an exercise director.

The first scenario involved a "student" armed with a gun who threatened suicide. After the student was isolated and a school locked down was launched, the police took over.  She was talked into laying down her weapon and surrendering to police.

The training involved Alhambra Police Department School, Resource officers, Alhambra patrol officers and detectives, training alongside Alhambra Unified School District support staff, campus supervisors and school administrators in simulated emergency crisis situations or scenarios. Also observing were administrators from other AUSD schools.

Sgt J. Johnson of the Alhambra police said volunteers acted as role players as the officers. During the drill school staff work through unexpected simulations involvig school incidents. The school campus was empty except for participants because the school semester ended the day before.

During one of the drill involving a scenario with an active shooter, numerous gunshots were heard at neighboring streets and Alhambra city all.

Teachers, staff and police were schedule to gather after the drills for a debriefing.

Johnson said a similar training exercise was held in June 2011 and was well received by school staff and officers.

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