Alhambra Plans New Parking Structure

A new parking structure will soon make it easier for shoppers and diners in downtown Alhambra.

At Monday evening’s City Council meeting, Alhambra council members approved soil testing on the site of the proposed parking structure near First and Main streets.


The proposed multilevel building which will be located on the parking lot behind Charlie’s Trio will take at least three months before the council can approve a final design.

Staff addressed the lack of parking spaces for the increased number of patrons on Downtown Alhambra. The proposed parking structure will have 5 and a-half stories and least 290 parking spaces.

In other actions, the council discussed allocating funds for the new Municipal Storm Water and Urban Runoff Regulations. It could cost each city in Los Angeles County as much as $20 million in the next 14 years.

David Dolphin, an Environmental Compliance Specialist for the City of Alhambra, said the new mandate from the State of California will measure and limit the amount of metals and chemicals that get thrown into the storm water drainage.

Because of the implications of chemicals being improperly filtered before going into the rivers and seas, the California Regional Water Quality Control Board has taken serious steps in order to measure the Total Maximum Daily Load or “TMDL” from each city in the LA County and prevent it from getting out into big bodies of water.

The permits and mechanisms involved cost thousands of dollars alone and council members expressed how something as costly may have to be approved by voters.

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