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Entire Alhambra High Football Coaching Staff Fired Over Supplements

  • By Shel Segal

The entire football coaching staff at Alhambra High was sacked on Tuesday because nutritional supplements were provided to its players, according to a published report.
Nutritional supplements that included extremely low dosages of the naturally produced chemical creatine were apparently provided by the coaches to seven of the players who had made requests about the product, the report said..
The staff was fired by new principal Duane Russell, who assumed the reigns at that school earlier this week, the report said.
Chuck Leonardis, the fired head coach, just got the job in December. He said in the published report that no school rules were broken and that he and his staff didn’t try to hide anything.
However, according to the report another coach in the district said coaches cannot buy any kind of products for students, even if the products are not being sold for profit.
“Creatine is a natural amino acid that provides energy to the body … Creatine, produced in many forms, can be found at many nutritional markets,” according to the published report.
Leonardis said in the published report that the lowest protein dosage available was being made available to the students.
CIF State rule 22B12 says that coaches "agree to only give non-muscle building nutritional supplements."
He added school officials had already approved nutritional supplements in the form of Gatorade that would give the students fluids and 400 nutritional supplement bottles during the start of full-pad practices, the published report said.
However, practices cannot start until a new coach is found. The Moors are slated to start the season against Arcadia High at Moor Field on Aug. 20, the published report said.
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