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Alhambra Police Granted $49,777 to Toughen Alcohol Enforcement and Training

  • By David Barron

ALHAMBRA – The Police Department has received a $49,777grant from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to help reduce alcohol related crimes and problems and to reduce the availability of alcohol to minors. Alhambra currently has 109 bars, restaurants and retail stores which are licensed to sell alcohol. The grant operational period will extend to June 30, 2014.

Under its contract, Alhambra Police will increase its current levels of education for ABC license holders and their employees.

“We are further committed to enforcing alcoholic beverage laws relating to licensed establishments and the problems associated with alcohol sales and consumption,” a city press release stated.

 The Alhambra Police Department has created a close working relationship with ABC investigators and together, the city press release stated.

Under the grant Alhambra police in coordination with the ABC investigators and agencies will provide training to ABC licensed establishments, conduct training for police officers and conduct inspections. The police will also conduct sting operations to determine if licensed establishments are abiding by state laws and local operating permits.

“In partnership with the community and ABC, the Alhambra Police Department expects the results of this grant will provide a better understanding of the need to comply with alcohol related laws and regulations.  This will enhance the safety of our citizens and protect the quality of life that exists in our community.”

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