Sham Edges Out Sunada in Alhambra

Incumbent Alhambra Councilman Steven Sham edged out a challenger Eric Sunada in Tuesday's (Nov. 4)  balloting for the first District Council position. 

The challenger was Eric Sunada, who depite limited campaign funds waged a strong door-to-door campaign with volunteers. Sham has reportedly a campaign war chest exceeding $100,000 while Sunada had less than $10,000.

The unofficial final vote from the County Registrar-Recorder had Sham with 4,085 votes or 51.10% of the votes to Eric Sunada's 3,909 or 49.90% of the votes cast. Although there may be some provisional votes yet to be counted, it is unlikely that they will be much of a change in Sham's victory margin. Sunada campaign on his belief that the city is being overdeveloped. 

Two other Alhambra council members were unopposed in the re-election bid and were re-elected. Candidates for Alhambra coouncil must residents of thenominating district, although the voting is citywide.

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