Alhambra City Manager to Retire May 1

Alhambra, California — Mary K. Swink, first female City Manager for the City of Alhambra, has announced she will retire May 1, 2016.
Apparently, Swink told city officials early this year of her planned retirement because the City Council hired Bob Murray and associates to conduct a statewide search for a new city manager.
Swink, who was appointed City Manager in August of 2013, replaced Julio Fuentes who headed north for a higher paying job.

Swing began working in Alhambra in 1988 as a Management Assistant with the Public Works Department. She worked her way up to a management level, serving in the City Manager’s Office, and then becoming a director of several departments including Community Services, Public Works, Utilities and Development Services.
A city press release stated that during her tenure as City Manager, Swink led the way for the newly constructed Alhambra Place; brought back “Summer Serenade,” a summer concert series in Alhambra Park; oversaw the construction for the $7 million, 307 parking space, Mosaic Parking Structure; assisted in the creation of the Alhambra 5K Pumpkin Run; oversaw the Special Olympics Alhambra Host Town Program; and created the Alhambra Community Coordinating Council.
Swink issued the following statement: “I feel honored to have served the City of Alhambra along with an outstanding City Council and city staff. Through hard work and dedication, this team has made Alhambra one of the premier cities in the San Gabriel Valley to live, work and play.” Swing is married to Dennis, and has two children.
Swink will continue to serve the City on a contract basis until the next City Manager is selected this summer.

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