'Booms' in the Night Worry Alhambrans

Some Alhambra residents and officials are concerned over noises that go "boom" in the middle of the night in the northwest section of the city. Even the City Manager is puzzled.

According to a report in the Pasadena Start News the noises have been heard sporadically since February. City officials said that since Feb. 15, the city has received 114 reports of boom through phone calls to the Alhambra police Department and messages received through the city hotline and social media. City Manager Mark Yokoyama, who was police chief when the noises started, said the noises "have been a source of frustration to the city" according to the Star News.

According to to one city source the highest concentration of reports have come from the city's northeast quadrant north of Mission Road and Atlantic Blvd.  The city reported that it has contacted the County Public Works Department and the Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authorities to see if their local projects were the source of the noises. So far they have denied being the source of the booms. The city reached out to California Institute of Technology which monitors seismic activity but they have no explanation for the explosion-like sounds.

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