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Agencies to Spray for Asian Tiger Mosquitos

  • By David Barron

Residents in portions of Arcadia, South El Monte, and an unincorporated are of Los Angeles County north of El Monte will experience eradication efforts on Wednesday from aggressive and invasive Asian tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus).

During the early morning hours of Wednesday, June 25, 2013 between 12:30 a.m. and approximately 5:00 a.m., the districts will conduct treatments to avoid traffic and outdoor pedestrian activity. Alternate arrangements may be made if weather conditions are not favorable to effective treatment.
In an ongoing effort to control an infestation of Asian tiger mosquitoes in
The two agencies will jointly to conduct truck-mounted mosquito control spraying in infested neighborhoods. The applications will target immature and adult mosquitoes.
These mosquitoes are a primary vector for the painful chikungunya virus spreading rapidly throughout the Caribbean, and a very real risk for introduction into the Unites States.
The Greater L.A. agency will apply Zenivex by truck-mounted fogger as an ultralow volume mist. The active ingredient in Zenivex is etofenprox, a pyrethroid classified by the EPA as a reduced risk molecule posing low risk to human health and the environment. A district spokesperson said in a press release that as formulated in Zenivex, etofenprox is considered a non-carcinogen and non-mutagen and any risk to the general public is minimal.
As a general precaution, residents in the immediate area should stay indoors with the windows closed, and cover outdoor fish ponds, pet food, and water bowls during the application. Additional information about this product can be found here [Linkto:].
The San Gabriel Valley District will apply VectoBac WDG by truck-mounted fogger as a low volume mist.
The active ingredient in VectoBac is Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti). Bti is a target specific, bio-rational larvicide with minimal risk to humans and wildlife. \
As a general precaution, residents in the immediate area should stay indoors with windows closed during the treatment. Additional information about this product can be found here]
“Both agencies are committed to eradicating this dangerous, invasive mosquito from Los Angeles County. This is one more tool vector control districts can use to target this mosquito before it has a chance to reproduce and spread,” a press release stated. 

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