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Chau Demands Broadcasters Resignation

  • By David Barron

SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman Ed Chau (D-Monterey Park) issued a statement expressing concerns and demanding an immediate apology and resignation from newscaster Bob Beckel in response to anti-Chinese remarks on the TV show, The Five.

“This past Thursday, while discussing National Security, Fox TV host Bob Beckel went on a rant about China and used the term “Chinamen,” a racial slur to describe Chinese people, The Chau press release stated.

“He went further by misrepresenting Chinese people as the biggest threat to our national security by portraying them as hackers in the world of computer technology.”

“As a proud Chinese-American, who immigrated to this country, obtained a degree in computer science, and now proudly serves the residents of California as an elected official, I am offended, along with many others in the Asian American community, by the racist and insensitive remarks made by Mr. Bob Beckel. 

“Fear mongering comments like those expressed on the show must stop, because they promote a culture of intolerance and perpetuate hurtful and xenophobic sentiments towards a specific ethnic group. 

“Not only were Mr. Beckel’s comments a slap in the face of many Asian Americans that have worked tirelessly to promote a positive image of their community and heritage, but can also lead to physical acts of violence and discrimination, especially when spoken in the context of National Security. 

“Since this is at least the second time Mr. Beckel has used racial slurs, he must immediately issue a public apology and submit his resignation to ensure that it never happens again to any ethnic community.”

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