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Nurses Seek App to Report Workplace Violence

  • By David Barron

A nursing organization has launched an app contest for students that will help bring awareness to workplace violence in hospitals perpetrated by patients.

“My co-worker lost vision in one eye, stabbed by a patient with a spoon,” said Shawn McCoy, a UNAC/UHCP nurse in a San Diego facility.
McCoy’s experience is far too common with 13% of UNAC/UHCP members responding to a survey reporting violent attacks on every shift they work.
UNAC/UHCP represents over 24,000 health care professionals who can download and utilize the winning app to log the time and date of the incident as well as help identify the type of injury sustained by the health care provider. Utilizing data collecting tools such as this app will assist UNAC/UHCP members pushing to address rampant violence in the hospital.
“Health care workers are targeted for violent assaults in the workplace more often than all workers, save for police officers,” said UNAC/UHCP Vice President Denise Duncan, RN. “We plan to address the issues at the hospitals with data we capture through the app in hand.”
The challenge is open to students ages 18-25. Entrants must be enrolled in a college or university in the state of California; all majors accepted. The winner will be announced and awarded a $1,000 scholarship in late September.
For official contest rules and information, students may visit the UNAC/UHCP website at
The app development is only the first step in a series of efforts launched by the UNAC/UHCP Workplace Violence Prevention campaign this month to address patient violence in the health care industry.

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