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Water Agency Declares Drought Emergency

  • By David Barron

The Upper San Gabriel Muncipal Water District has declared a drought emergency and is asking for its "fair share" of imported state water supplies, according to a Pasadena newspaper.

The agency adopted  the resolution this week. The agency does not serve Monterey Park, but serves many public and private water districts which depend on the San Gabriel water aquifer which is now at record lows because of the extended drought. Monterey Park is a member of the San Gabriel Municipal Water District, which is separate from the Upper District.

Monterey Park is on record of accepting the Governor's declaration of a statewide "drought" emergency and has ordinances previously adopted to curb water waste and encourage conservation.

Residents in Rosemead are served by six independent and private water companies regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission. Montebello recently adopted an ordinance similar to Monterey Park's  and sent a letter to its customers encouraging water conservation.

In advertisements published in a Pasadena newspaper, the San Gabriel Valley Water Association, an offshot of the San Gabriel Water District, reports the current groundwater level is at historiuc lows. This week's published report stated that as compared to this period last year "we saved 208,544, 640 gallons of water."

"Keep conserving, San Gabriel Valley," the advertisement stated. The district has not published any water conservation messages in other local newspapers.

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