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Council Candidate List for Monterey Park, Rosemead

  • By David Barron

Unlike neighboring cities and school districts, Rosemead and Monterey Park incumbent elected officials will have competition for the City Council posts in municipal elections scheduled in March.

Two incumbents in Rosemead and three in Monterey Park will face opposition for the highly prized positions as council members where they get to solve all of the city’s problems and lead them into the new century.

In Monterey Park, incumbents Anthony Wong, Mitchell Ing and Theresa Real Sebastian are seeking re-election. Delario Robinson, Stephen Lam and Joe Avila will oppose them.

While Robinson is a Post Office executive and president of the Monterey Park Democratic Club, Lam is a downtown businessman who previously ran unsuccessful for City Treasurer. Joe Avila, who describes himself as a handy man, has frequently run city council unsuccessfully.
In Rosemead, incumbents Polly Low and William Alarcon are facing Rosendo Plasencia and Janet Chin. Plasencia is a professional access compliance specialist with the L.A. Unified School District. Chin serves on the Garvey School Board and is communications director for State Senator Ed Hernandez.
Polly Low is seeking re-election to her third term on the Council. Alarcon is currently serving as mayor and is a long-time resident of the city.

In the neighboring city of Alhambra, only one candidate opposed an incumbent seeking re-election. Another Alhambra candidate was automatically re-elected because he was un-opposed in his district.

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