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Donuts Still Rule the Land

  • By David Barron

Tourists and westsiders may come to Monterey Park for Dim Sum, but doughnuts still rule the land, with thousands sold every day at shops across the valley. In Monterey Park there are three well-known shops where you can go celebrate National Donut Day, today, June 5, 2015.

There's the revered Pronto Donut on west Garvey Avenue at Moore Street; William's Donuts at Garfield and Riggin avenues; and JJ's Donuts on South Garfield and Riggin streets. Every, thousands of residents, commuters, and even students, stop at donut shops to pick up some morning nourishment. Sometime they buy them by the dozen to supply a business meeting of office business party.

The variety of doughnuts is endless. Doughnut holes, creme or jelly filed donuts, sugar donuts, glazed doughnuts, chocolate doughnuts, etc, etc. But the menu at these shops is endless and includes sandwiches, hamburgers, breakfast sandwiches and a variety of Asian dishes.

So on your way to work today, pick up a doughnut or two for your family or fellow workers.

(Note: if you have a local favorite shop that we didn't mention, please email us a picture and commentary to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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