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District Gets $231,915 for Water Conservation

  • By David Barron

The California Department of Water Resources has announced a matching grant totaling $231,915 to the San Gabriel Municipal Water District (SGVMWD) to expand the district rebates for water saving water saving washing machines, smart irrigation controllers, waterless urinals and high efficiency toilets.

The District serves the cities of Alhambra, Azusa, Monterey Park and Sierra Madre and was one of 22 districts receiving matching grants for water conservation projects. The state grant will provide the district with more than $400,000 for water conservation projects. The district provides supplemental water from state sources to the local water agencies.
The District’s proposal, entitled, SGVMWD Water and Energy Conservation Rebate Program, called for increasing water and energy conservation through rebates in each of the four cities it serves.
‘These water conservation measures promote energy efficiency and will reduce overall water usage for each member city, which will reduce SGVMWD’s supplemental water requirement and lead to decreased imported water deliveries.
Thomas A. Love, SGVMWD Board President, stated, “We all have to work together and change our behavior to combat the severe drought here in the San Gabriel Valley. It’s time for action. Our District has been a leader in promoting public education and water conservation. Our rebate program has been very popular and this grant will help us extend rebate benefits to an increased number of residents and businesses in our member cities and, thus, conserve even more water and energy in the process.”
For more information about the District’s rebate and conservation programs, visit

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