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NEW! - West Valley Heroes

  • By David Barron

This is a series of articles about people who are every day ordinary heroes. Some may do extraordinary things while others may do simple things that make a difference in our lives and the community. To nominate an individual or group of people send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or write to the Journal, P, O. Box 987, Monterey Park, Ca 91754.

The Problem: A family in need for food and services. Four law enforcement employees came to the aid of an East Riggin Avenue family that needed help. It was not a 911 call, just a simple call for survival help.

The family, three women and three children cover four generations same family. They live in a two-bedroom apartment and have resided in the city for many years.
 The sole source of income is a small Social Security pension check, and part-time work. Unfortunately, no father or males are in the picture.
After discovering the difficulty the family the family was having, the MPPD came to the rescue. They provided a new mattress for the baby’s bed, several cases of Infamile, food, clothing, toys and gift cards. They also gave them a referral for a local food bank and will be stopping in from time-to-time to check on the family.
The local group was made up of tough veteran police officers and rookies that believe community policing is more than arresting bad guys.
Who were they? Agent Randy Esparza, Officer Danny Salazar, Officer Denise Ferrari, and Dispatcher Veronica Chacon.
These people are Heroes in our book
The Monterey Park Library is continually raising money for activities at the Bruggemeyer Memorial Library. Most recently they hosted a Library Gala and a Day at the Races held at Santa Anita. A number of programs are funded at the library with the foundation funds. Our favorite is the children’s reading program that is conducted each summer with funding from the Library Foundation, as well as other sources.

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