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SCHOOL BOARDS - Preliminary Election Results

  • By David Barron

Local residents cast their ballots Tuesday, Nov. 3 for local school district governing boards . Voters re-elected one local official and rejected a second incumbent. Ballots were cast in the Garvey, Montebello and Rosemead school districts for school board members.

Henry Lo appears to have easily won re-election, with Keilley Meng, coming in second for the second board seat on the ballot for the Garvey School District.

Nancy Armenta was in the lead with 360 votes over Mary Jo Merenda, 309 votes in balloting to fill a vacant term that ends in December 2017.

Incumbent Montebello Unified School Board Member David Vela has apparently lost his position coming in third place in the balloting for two board members. In first place was Edgar Cisneros and Joanna Flores, second.

The results do not include provisional ballots cast at polling place, nor vote-by-mail ballots delivered at polling places. Final election results will not be certified for another two to three weeks.



Henry Lo - 670

Keilley Meng - 461

Angela Marie Rios - 388.


Nancy Armenta - 360

Mary Jo Merenda - 308


Edgar Cisneros - 3,393

Joanna Flores - 3,119

David Vela - 2,668

Nancy Hernandez - 878

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