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Pokeman Search Spreads to San Gabriel Valley

  • By David Barron

The search for digital critters from the mysterious Internet creation, "Pokeyman Go," has spread to cities and counties throughout the United States where thousands are involved in the hunt.  It has finally arrived in San Gabriel Valley in the form of scores of people wandering around parks, streets, city halls looking for the prize catches and gain points.

At Monterey Park City Hall, hundreds of people who would never normally come near the  council chambers and police station, were wandering around the front lawn and baseball field, ignoring press conferences, baseball games and police cars departing with the sirens on they persevered in their search. Hunters were also seen searching for the "Pokeyballs" at police stations, hospitals and churches as if they were trying to find the Internet Holy Grail.

At the Monterey Park city hall lawn, the surreal scene looked more like an adult Easter Egg Hunt with people scattered throughout the city hall lawn looking down at their lighted smart phones..

They were looking for the imaginary "critter thing" that starts with downloading the game from an App store. You can start playing when you have the game in your smart phone, Ipad or Ipod, anything that has a digital connection, The players hurl balls to capture Pokeymans which could take many forms.

As the players collect these Pokeymen they earn points which allow them entry into higher levels of the game. The Pokeyman Go game is so popular that it has surpassed many other games and social media with record downloads.





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