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Americans of all Stripes and Shades Celebrate Black History Month

  • By charlene brown

Lyric, song, music, dance and food still draw Black Americans to accentuate the good and great notes of hope even while tempers flare over political ideologies, cultural plights, economic disparities and social upheavals across major American cities.

This dual existence has been true for Black America from her infancy and even during the worst and most regrettable moments in American History. And since 1976 each American President has observed February as Black History Month.

In February, Americans remember the contributions people of color have made to the American Republic, in her varying stripes and shades, as well as its a time to curate accomplishments from the new generation.

The California African American Museum located in Exposition Park is hosting discussions and entertainment throughout the month, but the museum is open year-round for a rich showcase of art, history and culture.

The Pan African Film & Arts Festival in its 25th year celebration will screen over 200 films featuring "creative works that reinforce positive images and help to destroy negative stereotypes," February 9-20.

Locally, on February 3, 2017, Southern California Edison will host its 15th annual Black History Month observance to acknowledge some from among its customer service areas for economic and energy related successes.

Other cities and organizations in Los Angeles County are hosting events to highlight black businesses and are putting the spotlight on individuals who are delivering success in business and in the community. 

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