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Police report Incidents at Mark Keppel High

  • By David Barron

Two police related incidents at Mark Keppel High School essentially locked down the campus twice on Friday, Nov. 3 (2017). The first happened during the day when a driver attempted to elude police. The second occurred during Friday night just before the homecoming footbal game because of  reports of an armed person near the campus.

According to televison and pirnt reports. Monterey Park police undertookk a search and then arrested a masked burglar suspect, resulting in officials cancelling the home coming bootball game against San Gabriel High.

The incident occured at about 7:20 p.m. when two men were arguing with people in line to get into the game. The two men ran away in to the residential area. Witnesses initialy reported that they thought the man was armed when he was escaping. However no weapons were found. The suspect was found inside a home on Hershey Avenue. Alberto Adame of Rosemead was arrested on suspicion o f burglary. Another man was arrested by police.

Earlier in the day, a driver led Los Angeles Police on a pursuit on the 10 Freewa;y. He left his car and jumped the fence into the Keppel campus.

Both events were widely broadcast on television news resulting in many parents coming to the campus to pick-up their children.

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