MP Fire Sends Two Units to Fight Fires

The Monterey Park Fire Department is asking all residents to take steps to remain safe during the current period of Santa Ana wind conditions or what is referred to as Red Flag Warnings. As  seen in Northern California and most recently right here in Southern California, wind conditions along with low humidity can create catastrophic fire conditions. Due to the many fires that are burning across southern California, two Monterey Park Fire Units are currently dispatched to assist with containment efforts. 

"We have two engine companies deployed in the Ventura area and we have initiated mandatory call back for personnel to ensure the city is adequately staffed. With the weather conditions expected to continue through the weekend, We are currently staffing one additional engine company as a necessary precaution and will patrol areas that have high fire potential.Monterey Park fire officials say Weather conditions here in Monterey Park are expected to remain warm for the entire week with temperatures reaching the 80s by the coming weekend. Wind gusts are expected as well. _

Monterey Park has many hills and transmission line right-of-ways that contain wild brush and plenty of fuel for fires.

The fire department requested residents to the following safety guidelines:
1. Equipment Use Safety: 
Never mow or trim grass on a Red Flag Warning Day
Never use lawn mowers in dry vegetation
Spark arresters are required in wild land areas on all portable gasoline powered equipment.
2. Campfire Safety:
Before starting a campfire, make sure you have a campfire permit and that they are permitted on the land you are visiting
Afterwards, ensure that your campfire is properly extinguished.
3. Defensible Space:
Make sure there is 100 feet of defensible space around structures
Clear dead weeds and vegetation
Remove leaves and needles from gutters
Trim branches 6 feet from the ground.
4. Vehicle:
Never pull over in dry grass
Ensure trailer chains don't drag on ground
Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained
Have proper tire pressure to avoid driving on wheel rim
Never let your brake pads wear too thin.
5. Other:
Make sure cigarette butts are properly extinguished
Never burn landscape debris

Report any suspicious activities to prevent arson.
If you have family members that live in the affected areas and have been forced to evacuate, please visit the City of Monterey Park website at www.montereypark.ca.gov/ for a list of evacuation centers in Los Angeles County or visit the Los Angeles Fire Department website at www.lafd.org/news.


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