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A Valentines Day Poem by a BIG Short Man

  • By David Barron

By Yukio Kawaratani
(Poem about short men like me)

God created Man, stronger and taller; Woman, attractive and shorter.
Women wear high heels to attract taller men, a disadvantage to shorter men.

The young let physical attraction lead them to heartbreak.
Love requires inner beauty, commitment and maturity.

We all fantasize, finding our true love across a crowded room.
A dream rarely realized, but hope and the search go on.

Finding a mate is serious business; we set the bar high, hoping to find the perfect one.
For the short man, the shorter woman of his dreams is difficult to find and may not exist.

We lower our standards, as we grow older and wiser.... Nothing happens.
The pickings grow slimmer, as the good ones are already taken.

We begin to wonder and to panic. Is something wrong with me?
Isn’t there one good woman out there for me, or is love passing me by?

Failure, if one desires all life has to offer, is unacceptable.
One must re-strategize. One must have courage to change and charge onward!

Short men must think big, to compete with taller men in all walks of life.
So…. pursue taller women or at least one of equal height.
Some rejection and loss of dignity may end up with a gain of a lifetime.

This attitude can change your life.
It can widen your field and quality of prospects!

I found my soul mate, she returned my love.
I wooed her; married her; had children, loved her for a lifetime.
We were exactly the same height….

As I grow older, I grow shorter…. but who cares?

© 2005 by Yukio Kawaratani
First presented at Monterey Park Barnes Park Amphitheatre on July 2, 2005

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